Yukon Cares Update

A lot has been happening with Yukon Cares. We recently said good bye to our friends, the Arafats. Most of the family moved to Windsor, ON, where there is a growing Syrian community. The one exception is Ismail, the family’s second oldest son, who is continuing to work at Hendrik’s Barber Shop.  Although they are leaving, they are grateful for the incredible support that Yukon has shown them. We will miss them.

Though the Arafats have moved on, we have since welcomed a new refugee. Berihu, who is a refugee from Eritrea, was sponsored by a local Yukoner and we helped with the resettlement work.

We are also preparing for the arrival of 6 refugees sometime in the fall, and hope to support more applications. You can help us by donating to Yukon Cares. 100% of the money we raise is used for refugee resettlement.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and helping change the lives of those joining our community in Yukon.