My experience on a Yukon Cares Settlement Committee

I have been part of the Yukon Cares Settlement Committee assisting the family that moved to

Whitehorse in 2020. This has been a year of uncertainty and challenge like none other as we figure

out life during the global pandemic. It was remarkable and serendipitous that this sponsored family made their trip across the world mere days before international travel restrictions came into effect. In the days before they arrived we filled closets with clothes, winter coats and boots, books and puzzles and games, stocked the pantry in the kitchen and made sure they could be self-sufficient.


As a settlement committee, we were nervous and excited for them to embark on their first ever airplane trip and to welcome them into our safe haven in Whitehorse. We were so relieved when they arrived! Our initial support was through providing all the necessities while they self isolated upon arrival. After 14 days passed it was such a wonderful thing to finally meet in person and begin our new friendships.


My children have also enjoyed getting to know their new friends, answering curious questions about

living in Yukon – “Since it is so snowy, why are there no snow leopards here in the winter?” “What do we do if we see a bear?” We have shared meals, celebrated birthdays, first bike rides, and now the start of the school year. As our world seemed to shrink with COVID-19 restrictions, it has been refreshing and hopeful to add a new family into our community and share in their gratitude for this place.