November 13

Newsletter – Nov 2022

Please see our attached newsletter for an update about our activities over the past year. It has been a tremendously busy, but also rewarding year, as we welcomed not one, but TWO new families to Whitehorse! Click here for Yukon Cares 2022 Newsletter

June 23

Looking for TWO apartments to rent!

Yukon Cares has been sponsoring refugees to resettle in the Yukon since 2015. All of the refugees we sponsor have left their homes fleeing war, violence, or persecution. We normally aim to sponsor one family per year, but due to Covid delays and unusual processing times, we now have TWO families arriving this summer! This […]

May 20

Dinner, Movie and Discussion – June 9th!

In Partnership with “The Edge on Main,” we present dinner, dessert, and a movie about refugee resettlement – all funds go towards resettling refugees in the Yukon! $20 (plus processing fees) nets you dinner (pierogies!!), dessert and a documentary as well as a discussion facilitated by Yukon Cares. All profits go towards resettling refugees in […]

May 11

New Family on the Way! (looking for a home)

We are excited to announce that our latest refugee sponsorship application has been approved. We will be welcoming a family of 6 from Eritrea (Mom, Dad, and 4 young children). They should be arriving in Whitehorse in the next 2-4 months (between July and Sept 2022), so we are beginning the search for an affordable […]

May 3

2022 Volunteer of the Year, Kirsten Bradley

Kirsten Bradley was the Yukon Cares nominee for City of Whitehorse volunteer of the year. Frankly, she should be volunteer of the decade for all the work she has put in since Yukon Cares began. She’s been involved with helping settle several families and also done SO much behind the scenes work. She picks up […]

April 21

Minutes from our AGM – April 20th, 2022

Yukon Cares hosted our Online Annual General Meeting on Wednesday April 20, 2022. Special thank you to outgoing president Michelle Edwards who has been such a positive and powerful force on our board (and Settlement Committee) for the past six years. We can’t wait to hear about your cycling adventures! Congratulations to the newly-elected board: Meagan […]

March 5

Yukoners Supporting Displaced Ukrainians

Like most of the world, Yukon Cares has been watching the situation in the Ukraine unfold with sadness and horror. We were honoured to be invited to meet with members of the local Ukrainian Support Group as well as the Yukon Government and local First Nations to determine how we can best help the local […]

November 14

We are ready to sponsor a new family!

Exciting news! In preparation for the BVOR refugee sponsorship program opening up again in early 2022, the Yukon Cares Board of Directors has unanimously voted to pursue sponsoring a new refugee family to settle in Whitehorse! We are hoping to sponsor a family with 2 or 3 children. BVOR families have already been vetted by […]

November 8

From the Democratic Republic of Congo to the Yukon

Sylvia and her 3 children were refugees sponsored by Yukon Cares in March 2020. Sylvia was originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and had been living in South Africa for many years. After over a year in Whitehorse, the family has moved to southern Canada. Michelle Edwards interviewed her on November 7, […]

November 5

Christmas card fundraising campaign

Our Christmas Card Campaign is back! Make a donation of $20 in honour of a friend or loved one. Then choose a card or e-card for your friend. Or, you can buy a pack of 5 tribute cards for $80. Donations can be made by e-transfer, cash, or cheque. This year, we have both holiday […]

September 21

Fun in the Snow!

Last year we were able to have skis provided to the sponsored family for the season by the Recreation and Parks Association of the Yukon (RPAY). RPAY also provided a grant to cover cross-country ski instruction for this family who had never experienced snow before. The Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club also donated free day […]

April 28

Volunteer of the Year 2021, Meagan Christie

Congratulations to Meagan Christie, who was nominated by Yukon Cares for the City of Whitehorse Volunteer of the Year. Meagan has been an active member of Yukon Cares since our inception in 2015. She has been a director, and has been an excellent leader for the last two settlement committees that welcomed refugee families to […]

November 10

My experience on a Yukon Cares Settlement Committee

I have been part of the Yukon Cares Settlement Committee assisting the family that moved to Whitehorse in 2020. This has been a year of uncertainty and challenge like none other as we figure out life during the global pandemic. It was remarkable and serendipitous that this sponsored family made their trip across the world […]

July 10

New family arrival!

Against all odds, a family living in South Africa arrived in their new home of Whitehorse mid-March. The day that the family left Johannesburg, our Prime Minister announced that Canada would be limiting the arrival of internal flights. The Settlement Committee and the family were nervous and very hopeful that they would make it all […]

April 23

Volunteer of the year 2020 – Michelle Edwards

Yukon Cares is very pleased to announce that Michelle Edwards is one of the nominees for the City of Whitehorse’s Volunteer of the Year Award. While there are many worthy volunteers in Whitehorse, Michelle is certainly amongst the best of them! Whether it is chairing board meetings, finding and securing additional funding, completing mountains of […]

January 17

Continuing to care – What’s up Yukon

Liberian refugees Emmanuel Nagbe and Elizabeth Williams arrived last month at the Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport. They were welcomed by Yukon Cares members. Samuel Kyakuwa (left), who arrived in Whitehorse in April, 2018, president Raquel De Queiroz, Nagbe, Williams and treasurer Sarah Dobell Yukon Cares, the local grassroots refugee re-settlement group, successfully supported the […]

November 15

Sponsoring and resettling refugees in Northern Canada – High North News

Yukon Cares is a group of dedicated and determined volunteers who are focused on resettling refugees in Canada’s Arctic. High North News sat down with some of their volunteers to learn more about their work, the challenges they face, and the opportunities this program has created. The on-going crisis in Syria has caused incalculable devastation […]

May 23

Eight-member family easing into Yukon life – Whitehorse Daily Star

After almost two weeks in the city, the Kyakuwa family says they are feeling very welcome in their new community. The family of eight arrived May 8 after a journey that took them from a refugee camp in Botswana to Vancouver and on to Whitehorse. The Kyakuwas are the most recent family to be sponsored […]

January 16

Yukon Cares ups efforts to bring more Syrian refugees to territory – CBC North

People gather to take basic food stuffs and other aid from community leaders distributing supplies to the 64,000-person refugee camp called Ruqban on the Jordan-Syria border in 2016. (The Associated Press) Whitehorse-based charitable group Yukon Cares is hoping to bring four more refugee families to the territory within the next year or two, according to its president, […]

January 31

Syrian refugee family arrives in Whitehorse, Yukon – CBC North

Yukon’s newest residents, a family of 11 who fled the civil war in Syria, arrived in Whitehorse Saturday. (Sandi Coleman/CBC) Dozens of Yukoners gathered at the Whitehorse airport Saturday to welcome Yukon’s newest residents: a family of 11 Syrian refugees who are the first to settle in the North under the current sponsorship program. The family was greeted […]

December 29

Syrian Family Arrives

After five months of planning and fundraising, Yukon Cares is thrilled to finally have welcomed our Syrian family to join our Yukon community here in Whitehorse. The 11-member family arrived to a joyous welcome from many Yukon Cares volunteers and local politicians on Saturday, January 30, 2016. The family’s arrival had been delayed a few […]